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The Headland estate

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The main villa estate of the View adjoins the Headland estate, which is an exquisite collection of smaller villas. Mainly 2 bedroomed villas, they can be booked individually for full or partial occupancy.

They are the perfect way to add accommodation for larger gatherings at the View – a secret doorway from the View leads onto the path connecting the various villas. The Villas themselves are hidden gems in the hillside, private and self-contained. Sharing similar views and location to the the View, guests staying in a Headland villa will only be a short, barefoot walk away from the View.

Headland villas are also the perfect choice for smaller bookings such as a small family, a couple travelling alone or two couples.

Headland Villa No's 1 to 4 have two bedrooms each and can be booked on a one or two bedroom basis, whilst Villa No.5 offers 3 bedrooms for a slightly larger group.

Each Headland villa has uniquely designed interiors and a private infinity pool set amidst the tropical greenery. Light catering facilities are provided, and breakfast is served daily by the villa staff.

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