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Responsibility and Sustainability

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The View was developed on a tropical rain forest site, and the owners of the View and the neighbouring estate - the Headland - have accepted a collective responsibility to return as much of the land to nature as possible. We have so far planted more than 200 large trees.

Water is a precious commodity and is treated with care. Grey water is re-used where possible, we recapture most of the water which falls on the roofs and hardscape, the need for bottled water has been minimised and natural aquifers are managed responsibly.

The staff quarters are modern, clean and well equipped and we are proud of the working and living conditions of our excellent and hardworking staff.

The local village, Taling Ngam, is an old and spiritual settlement, with a well-known local temple and monastery. We at the View and the Headland actively support the temple and the local monastery and are a source of employment for local villagers.

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