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Nice place and children have fun. The surrounding is beautiful and service is great. Thanks for your care and we will come again next time.

I love you. 谢谢你的招待。2016.9.5

I love you. Thanks for your treating. Sep 5th 2016.


See you next time. Sep 5th 2016.

吃饭,我爱你。Have meals and I love you.


Travelling is not having a look at this place but feeling the differences from other places. Cherish this good memory in the heart. Thanks for your treating and we have great fun. June 6th 2016.


Thanks for your attentive service and we all have unforgettable vacation. Yang Yang.


A great check-in experience and butlers are kind, like friends. Have a chance to take vacation again and give five-star reputation.

这次旅行非常难忘,Vivi's birthday. 东东的求婚增添了美丽而幸福的色彩。王越是大帅哥,疆疆哥哥是皇普很棒的姓,旺旺是二土豪。哈哈,太开心。难以形容了,此处省略三千字。3/7/2015.

This travelling is unforgettable. Vivi's birthday and marriage proposal add a beautiful and happy feeling for this place. Wang Yue is handsome boy and Jiang Jiang brother has good family name as well as Wang Wang is rich man. So have a good time and cannot express feelings with words. Therefore three thousand words are omitted here.


I am from Tai Wan and spend my vacation here. The service is attentive here and waiters are kind. So advise every friend to come here and take happy vacation.

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